Natural Horsemanship


Natural horsemanship is a more modern approach to horse training that relies on understanding the animal's natural instincts and behaviours. It also focuses heavily on communication between human and equine partners.

The foundational knowledge of horse psychology and natural behaviours is at the core of horsemanship. Like humans, horses are social creatures and do best around other horses. Understanding things like this can help you build a relationship with a horse based on trust and love.

Balance Horsemanship Concept

There are many ways to understand this way of communicating with horses. Different people developed different techniques. My very first natural horsemanship mentor told me once that the techniques don’t matter at all. What is really important is the attitude. I didn’t understand this at first as I was not yet ready. I wanted him to show me the tricks. Now, after many years spent with horses I finally know what he meant - it is all about the energy.

When I was a little girl I was dreaming about being someone like a horse whisperer. Communicating with them and living in harmony seemed to be like an impossible dream.

Now it is possible.

If you’re here, you probably…

feel like you’re relationship
with your horse is not in the
right place

dream about playing at liberty
without any strings attached

struggle with biting, rearing, kicking
and dangerous situations

would love to ride your horse bridle less in the arena and in the forest

experienced a problem like
trailer loading, refusing jumping,
running away or competitions issues

want to make sure your horse
knows how you feel about him

What if I tell you that you can actually be your horse whisperer?
And not only that - it can be not complicated and overwhelming, too.

1:1 Natural Horsemanship

private session

I’ve been through it all. It did take me years to discover after training with many horse trainers and horses.

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A friend of my dad had horses and that’s how my story started. Every day after school I was riding my bike towards the stable. I felt driven towards these animals and nothing was more interesting for me. After some days I was finally able to ride by myself and I thought already that that was my dream come true…

… but something was missing. Year by year I was riding more and more. As my dad noticed me crying every time they were selling a horse I was currently riding on - he got me one as a present. Mika - the name of my first horse. She was young and unexperienced and so was I. We went on my first small local riding competitions. What I remember from this the most is actually not which place I had but that we were fighting with Mika for more that an hour to load her in the trailer to get back home.

One day I asked my parents to go on two weeks vacation in a sport stable. They agreed and there was no turning back from that point. I learned in two weeks about horses more than in previous four or five years. The independent seat, the training schedule, interesting goals and like-minded people. I felt again like a dream come true. But again, something was missing.

As you could probably imagine I went all the way into equestrian sports. As an eventing rider - we had a lot to practice. From great seat in dressage, good eye in show jumping through bravery in cross country. My days were filled with training and joy. My parents bought two more horses, I moved to Germany to train in olympic equestrian center with best trainers. It all resulted in having a spot with country representations and great results in championships for young horses. All hard work paid off. I was again feeling like - yes, you guessed it - a dream come true. And yes. Something was still missing.

One day I entered the stable where I was boarding my horses. I went to their boxes but they refused to say hello - turning with their butts. Then I heard other people talking to their horses - “You stupid!”, “Stop it!”, “He’s dumb!” and many, many worse. My eyes opened up. I felt so, so sad. Why? Because I realised no friend would like to be treated like this - and if horses could - they would walk away.

And that’s when I remembered whyI started to ride horses - because I loved them. Because sitting on their back gave me a feeling of freedom and happiness. But, what if they don’t feel the same? How can I be happy if they are not? All these questions made me look for answers.

And this answer was simple

Natural Horsemanship

I made a few years break from competing. I couldn’t do it anymore knowing all of this. I had a problem that natural horsemanship movement and equestrian sports were like black and white. I didn’t know how to find myself in it. So I started digging deeper until I found a way to compete and build great relationship with my horses at the same time. Results? Still great placings on the competitions but much, much more pleasure and satisfaction.

No matter what you want to do with your horse - competing, trail riding or just playing from the ground - the answer is only one.

You don’t have to follow my path and experience mistakes on the way.
I can show you what I discovered so you can explore even more.
In this one session

you will...

get clear on exactly what is holding you back and stopping you from creating a relationship with your horse

recognise the mistakes and patterns you’ve been doing that keep your horse from seeing you as a leader

define specific actions steps you need to take in order to get closer to understand your horse and let him understand you

gain knowledge about horse psychology that will help you find the answers to your and your horse’s issues

feel more confident as a horse enthusiast

I'm ready!

“Blame it or praise it; there is no denying the wild horse in us.” V.W.

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Natural Horsemanship Benefits

Pleasure Riding

If you ride in a horse riding school or you own a horse and your main goal is just to spend nice time with them - knowing how to show a horse that he can trust you is a great tool. Horses live in a human world and we need to show them, like a good friend would - how to navigate through life without fears. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice hack in the woods on a relaxed horse?

Equestrian Sports

Learn how to make your horse love jumping. Learn how to explain to him the tasks without him being afraid of it. Let’s make dressage clear and cross country enjoyable. Let him see you as a leader so he doesn’t panic in the warm up arena and he actually improves his skills instead of focusing on the distractions around him. Have a partner of your dreams.

Groundplay Fun

If you keep your horse most of the time on the field and you don’t feel like riding - ground play is your answer. Imagine your horse following you without any strings attached and dance around you at liberty? Friendship between different species is magical. You can experience it.


No need to be around horses every day in order to be fascinated by them. The fates of horses and humans have been woven together for millennia. Horses have transported us and helped us cultivate food; they've been with us in battle, and they've carried us in sport. We, in turn, have largely evolved to reciprocate, providing horses with care and companionship. Did you know that they can sense everything that's going on in your body – your thoughts, your energy. And the other most amazing thing - standing by a horse being in their presence can calm your entire body.

Let's do this...

Available Options

to learn from me

1:1 Natural Horsemanship Training Session

50,00 € per hour

In a 60-minute video call, our main objective is to work together in order to discover the most suitable solution for both you and your horse. Feel free to seek guidance on various aspects such as horse management, training techniques, and addressing any behavioral concerns. Our session will equip you with fundamental insights into the cognitive and emotional aspects of horses. By combining our expertise and your dedication, we will navigate through a range of topics to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your equine companion and establish exercises that suits you both.

1:1 Natural Horsemanship VIP Package

155,00 € for 3 sessions

During these three meetings we create a space where you can actually learn and practice what you’ve learned right away. Dive in into the way horses think and feel. Learn the exercises which will help you be seen as a leader. Together we can correct your mistakes, set up goals and move towards the relationship with your horse you always dreamed of.

Important: Before these meetings you’ll be asked to send a recording of your training/problems. The recording must be sent at least 48 hours before our consultation.

1:1 Natural Horsemanship VIP Dive In

57,00 € per hour

During a 60 minutes video call we can focus on finding the right solution for you and your horse. You can ask for advice on management, training and behaviour problems. Our main focus will be understanding what your horse has to say to you and how to communicate with him properly as a friend and a trustworthy leader.

Important: Before this meeting you’ll be asked to send a video recording of your training/problem. The recording must be sent at least 48 hours before our consultation.

In person sessions


I‘m available for group in-person clinics all over Europe. Whether you are a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between, all riders need to build trust with their horse. In a group setting we will learn horses language in order to gain their trust. I’ll introduce you to the basics of natural horsemanship and show you the exercises you can do to achieve your goals.
If you’d like to organise one in your stable let’s get in touch so I can give you more details. I’m looking forward to hear from you!

I’m available for individual in-person training sessions in Lower Silesia, Poland only. Spots are very limited. Contact me for more informations.

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