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Hi there, I’m Aleksa

I’m happy you’re here!

I am a certified Life & Success Coach and Natural Horsemanship Mentor.
I decided to dedicate my life to help human and horses to overcome their fears.
Working with them to gain peace of mind and create a dream life has become my mission. It’s my absolute passion to guide them back to who they truly are so they can step into their full potential and cultivate balance in every single area of their live.

I used to be a perfectionist who worked tirelessly to prove my worth. However, I burnt out professionally. I realized my mind was constantly occupied with negative thoughts. I did what others taught me to do even tho it didn’t feel right. I was constantly worrying what people might think about me…

After recovering, I prioritized my well-being and learned how to set my mindset for success. My relationships with other people improved started to grow and people started to ask me how did I do this. That’s when I realized I want to share my discoveries and helpothers connect with their true self.

Supporting ambitious women and guiding horses has become my favourite activity. And because you are reading this, I know that you are also ready to let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and start taking massive action in the direction of your dream reality.
Let’s make the impossible possible together.

I'm interested

of a journey

It all started long time ago. A little tremble in my heart that has lead me to nature and horses. I was very young when I got fascinated with them. The world seemed chaotic and complicated.The process of growing up brought many things to my attention. Relationships to people, new tasks, new responsibilities.

All I had in my head at that time was to sit on my bike and head to the stable. I could spend hours and hours on the fields looking at them just grazing. It is where I felt most alive. Most at peace. Later on, the society brought even more aspects of life to my attention. Studies, career, money making, friendships, opportunities. I was actively training in equestrian sport, meeting new people, setting myself goals like national championships. My days were filled with work related to the passion I loved. I felt definitely successful, I was lucky enough to transform my passion into my work. But something was missing.


Seeking a deeper connection with nature, I embarked on a journey of understanding. Around 2017, I realized that the pursuit of certain goals no longer brought me fulfillment. The magic I once felt spending time with horses had faded. Determined to rediscover that connection, I delved into the world of equine understanding.


This quest led me to explore the needs and thought processes of horses. Through this exploration, I gained insight into my own mistakes and lack of understanding. It was a challenging but transformative process, requiring inner work and humility. I learned invaluable lessons from horses, such as letting go of ego, embracing the present moment, trusting intuition, and attuning to energy. As I deepened my understanding, I began to dance with horses, developing a profound level of communication. In this dance, they whispered their stories to me, and the magic was rekindled.

From Outside To The Inside

However, it wasn't just about horses. The lessons I learned from them extended beyond the equestrian realm. After each session with a horse, I returned home feeling wiser, as their solutions shed light on my own challenges. I realized that many problems stemmed not from the horses themselves, but from their human owners. Humans had, in many ways, turned their backs on nature, neglecting the wisdom it offers.

Energy And Mindset

In this process, I discovered the power of energy and mindset. Horses, like us, face struggles and doubts. It is possible to love what you do and still feel exhausted due to a lack of work-life balance. I battled self-doubt, a lack of confidence, burnout, and overwhelm, losing sight of my purpose. Inspired by horses, I learned to address these issues by delving into my subconscious mind and returning to my primal roots.

I embarked on a journey of rewilding myself.

Magic within us

Everything we need to find our answers is already within us.
To achieve your personal and professional goals you need to connect first with yourself. Life feels scary and complicated if you don’t have control over your emotions and energy. Your thoughts create your reality.

You deserve to get to know who you truly are, what are your values. You are able to heal and empower yourself. Life is full of limitless possibilities. Learn to manifest your dream life. Let me be the guide for you and show you the tools we can use to get you where you always wanted to be.

I'm interested
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